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Let go of the fear of selling your house, land or condo in Toronto. Equinox is on a mission to ensure you get your property’s worth and maybe more.

With more than $100million in transaction worth, we are skilled at peering sellers with worthy buyers. 

We keep an eye out for things that would cause your property to lose value and make sure you avoid it so you can get the best out of it.

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Pre-Construction Condo Etobicoke | Etobicoke real estate agents

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Get the best deals on your investment when you sell your Toronto property with Equinox.

Our work speaks for us. We are recognized as the top 1% for 2019 Condo sales in the Grand Toronto Area. With more than $100million worth of transaction under our belt, we have decades of experience peering potential buyers with sellers and we move fast. We make selling your property in Toronto seamless.

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Pre-Construction Condo Etobicoke | Etobicoke real estate agents

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I’m a Toronto real estate broker with the knowledge, expertise and approachability you expect.

My father always believed in real estate. My own passion for real estate started at home and it wasn’t long before I became interested in property ownership and investment. From a young age, I knew I wanted real estate to be my career. Now, I wake up every morning thrilled to help my clients sell their homes at the highest possible price and find homes that fulfill their every dream (and budget).

The value I bring to the table

I’ve been working and living in the City of Toronto since 2008. In 2011, I launched my real estate business to serve the local community. My philosophy is rooted in my love for people, my passion for real estate and my ability to solidify the best deals on behalf of my clients. Large or small, a purchase, sale or rental, I work wholeheartedly to support you through one of the most important processes in your life. I’m not interested in one-off deals but rather take the time to learn about you so I can build a meaningful, long-term business relationship that lets us work together not once but many times over.

Simple collaboration to big transition

Selling? Buying? Renting? Building? When it comes to real estate, any given situation can have a hundred moving parts that must all come together for the perfect deal and the perfect timing. As you transition from one property to another, you need the right partner in your corner. From the moment we shake hands, I am a communicator and collaborator who always keeps you informed and who wants to work with you every step of the way.


Top 1% in Condo Sales 2019 of the GTA.
Platinum Agent for 2019.

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