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Top Frequently Asked Questions From Sellers

● When is the best time to sell my property?

Condos normally sell all year round in Toronto, however, listing in the Spring with a Summer closing is considered traditional. People move to Toronto and the GTA all the time so we do not advise waiting till Spring. Talking with a Equinox professional can help you get the best out of your listing.

● How long will selling my property take?

There is never a 100% accurate answer. However, the speed at which your property will be sold depends on the neighbourhood and condition of the building. If it is superior to surrounding buildings, it will sell faster.

● What renovations will give me the greatest return on investment?

Few renovations offer 100% return on investment however, there are upgrades that can make your property stand out. Remodelling your kitchen, bathroom and floors will make the biggest impact and make it sell faster.

● What should I do to get my house ready for sale?

The best way to ready your house for sale is staging. Start by making repairs and improving the general appeal of your house. This can be full staging with furnishings, wall decor, scent and more.

● Should I be Present When buyers view my house?

Most buyers have reported feeling uneasy when a seller is present at the viewing. You want to do everything to make the buyer feel comfortable and trust that Equinox as your real estate broker will do everything in your best interest.

Why Invest in Toronto?

Real Estate experts say Toronto doesn’t have enough condos to house the projected growth. Just think of that fact! Housing in Toronto would never go out of demand as hundreds of thousands move into the city every year. Now that is a  good reason to invest in Toronto. When you talk long term value, you’d never go wrong investing in Condos in Toronto.

Unlike single homes, you are not responsible for the exterior maintenance of your condo. You don’t have to reply on tenants to ensure your lawns are regularly mowed. That takes a lot of burden off from investors and retirees and that is another reason to invest in Condos.

If you love pleasure, condos can be your vacation home as you say goodbbye to hotel rents and certain tax.

Toronto, learn more about what opportunities are knocking on your door!

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